Weekly Gladiator Fights starting Next Week!

Weekly Gladiator Fights starting Next Week!

MATCH FORMAT: Best of 5 (BO5) match in the arena at Farem. Each gladiator will end up playing everyone by the end of the tournament. Each week you will get a new person to fight, you must complete the match with a referee present by the next Monday. GLHF and sign up HERE: https://challonge.com/TLGladiator


1) No form of healing is not allowed during the fight; this INCLUDES food items.

2) A referee must be present to judge your match.

3) No tp-ing away from the arena.

4) All heads acquired during the match must be burned immediately afterwards.

5) No items should be enchanted.

6) No totems are allowed

7) No potion effects are allowed and must be cleared before the match. 

8) A player may forfeit the match if they do not want to die.

9) You may only use the items listed below.

10) No fists are allowed


– Wooden Sword

– Shield

– Wooden Axe

– Iron Helmet

– Iron Chestplate

– Iron Leggings

– Iron Boots

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  1. i’m in buster I gonna bust the bust’s of all the busters B )

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