Sumo Event

This Saturday, July 18th, we will be having a sumo event hosted by the town of Foraminis! This event will not require you to have any specific items to participate. To make this event a bit more competitive than past events, we have upped the 1st place prize. The prizes for the event will be as follows:

1st – 200 diamonds and a knockback I stick

2nd – 75 diamonds

3rd – 50 diamonds

For this event, you will be given one knockback stick and placed in a ring with one other player. This event will be a double elimination style tournament with a winners and losers bracket. If you knock off or kill your opponent, you move on. If you are interested, sign up here:


  • No healing items, such as potions or golden apples (only regular food)
  • No weapons other than the knockback stick you receive
  • No armor whatsoever is allowed
  • When you kill a player, you must either give them their head or burn it

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