I just wanted to make this post to go over what streamer+ is and how to get it. Streamer+ is essentially a “partnered” streamer. They are the larger streamers who dedicate a lot of time to TownyLIVE. streamer+ is a way for us to give back to them. As a streamer +, you get a coupon code for the TownyLIVE webstore that you can give to your viewers to give them a 10% discount when buying any of our ranks. The way this benefits the streamer+ is that they get 25% of the money TownyLIVE receives from this purchase.

To become a streamer+, you must meet these four requirements and fill out this application.

  • You have had the streamer rank On TownyLIVE for at least 2 weeks and you have been active throughout those two weeks.
  • You are an active and positive member of the community.
  • You have approximately 50 followers and an average of 3 viewers or twitch affiliate.
  • You must have a relatively regular schedule for streaming.

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