• Tampering with claimed plots without permission, including but not limited to, exploding TNT, moving entities, opening inventories, etc 

  • No spamming, advertising, begging, harassment, insults, or excessive swearing.

  • No racism, sexism, discrimination, or other offensive attacks towards other players in chat.

  • No cheating, hacking, x-ray, auto-reconnect or bots. This includes the sharing, promotion, or advertisement of these things as well. This also includes the use of some mods. (Check with staff if you aren’t sure)

  • Creating a death trap for players/teleporting players maliciously in an attempt to kill them/creating an unsafe or deathtrap warp.

  • Doing /sethome at a player’s base without permission.

  • If a player is kicked from the town against their will (e.g. by the mayor or the inability to pay taxes), the mayor has to grant them access to their builds/chests/items.

  • Attempting to bypass pvp permissions by use of lava, fire, or other ways is not allowed.

  • No spam killing players without their permission.

  • Ban evasion (Joining the server on another account)

  • Using alts or other accounts on the server

  • Creating any form of lag machine on any server

Honor Rules (not enforced, but encouraged)

  • Killing for no reason/serial killing
  • Stealing or scamming
  • Griefing outside of towns
  • Combat logging