Gladiator Event

On Friday, July 31th at 6pm EST, the town of Foraminis will be having a gladiator event! This event will not require you to have any specific items to participate. The prizes for the event will be as follows:

1st – 400 diamonds

2nd – 250 diamonds

3rd – 100 diamonds

For this event, you will be placed in an arena with one other player. You will be given leather armor, a stone sword, a bow, an axe, and some blocks. The arena will contain chests throughout with loot you can take to gain an advantage over your opponent. Your goal is to defeat your opponents. You can place blocks and break blocks that were placed by a player.


  • No outside items
  • You can only break blocks that other players place
  • You cannot leave the arena
  • When you kill a player, you must either give them their head or burn it

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