Category: Events

Weekly Gladiator Fights starting Next Week!

MATCH FORMAT: Best of 5 (BO5) match in the arena at Farem. Each gladiator will end up playing everyone by the end of the tournament. Each week you will get a new person to fight, you must complete the match with a referee present by the next Monday. GLHF and sign up HERE: RULES: …

Elytra Race!

This Saturday, June 20th, we will be having an elytra race!! This event will require you to have an elytra and rockets to participate, so if you don’t have this stuff, ask around to buy or borrow it. The prizes will be as follows:

$20 Event!

Friday, June 26th at 2pm EST, we will be hosting a event with a prize pool of $20! The activities taking place during this event will range from simon says, to parkour, and more! It will be an elimination style event, so when you are killed, you are out, but fear not, for we will …